A Bit of History;

Husband and Wife Olrick and Siobhan Coker, known as The Cokers, founded the GMIX Company in 2010.

Following many years as professional singers, the couple were eagerly inspired to take their singing journey to a new level, by developing a drink that helps preserve their voices whilst being used on a regular basis.

The couple have been using GMIX for over 7+ years and have proven it to be an effective solution, for a healthier juice drink option which boosts the immune system, provides a natural source of energy and helps to preserves the voice and maintain healthy vocal cords to name a few. The recipe has been past down from both of the couples families, who have used elements of the recipe to fight against the common cold and sore throats for example.

GMIX Juice is not classified as a medicinal product, however it does hold many medicinal properties that are good for fighting against the common cold, sore throats and even cancer.

Our Mission

With the fast growing focus on health and fitness, natural food and drinks, GMIX represents a strong brand of juice drink that can stand alongside the leading brands such as Copella, Tropicana and Innocent to name a few.

   Our mission is to provide a beverage that assists in preserving the well-being of the human body, as well as providing the following key benefits: Detoxes the body • Has anti-inflammatory properties – which fight against cancer • Helps preserve the voice • Boosts the immune system • Promotes a healthy digestive system • Fights against the common cold and sore throats”

GMIX Juice

GMIX is a freshly squeezed ginger juice drink, that combines the natural sweetness of honey with its kick of ginger – all brought seamlessly into focus through the fresh taste of lime and water for maximum hydration.

All its ingredients are all well known for their individual benefits to the human body. This, added to the refreshing great taste, makes it a juice drink thats stands out from the rest.

What makes GMIX Juice stand out from the rest? The answer is very simple…

  • The only ginger base juice beverage on the market
  • Promotes an all round healthier lifestyle
  • Preserves and boosts the immune system and the vocal cords
  • Tastes great!

Outside of its immediate benefits, GMIX is a fresh, tropical drink for everyone to enjoy. Everyone has the right to drink a beverage that is healthy, fresh and free of chemical ingredients. We aim to ensure that our products improve the health and wellbeing of all our customers.